WizWare Computers understands that taking one computer and connecting it to another computer or many other computers or even just to the Internet can be a confusing and complex task.

Our staff is highly experienced in establishing and maintaining networks from two computers and a phone line to an entire company's global network.

With wireless networking, you have the added advantage of connecting multiple computers, including your desktop(s) and/or laptop(s), to the internet without the restrictions of wires and cables. Take your laptop on your deck and enjoy the weather instead of being tied-down to a desk.

"Using WizWare for any time any hour we can get they are on top of it – if I have to leave a message (unusual) they return my call within 15 minutes. When we have gone down they know about it before we even realized it. They monitor our server even when we are not here. Reasonable fees. Never question their invoices. If anything they are less."
-Gena Gussenbauer
Roth & Sheppard Architects
Denver, CO

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