Since 1989 we have been on the cutting edge of the technology age and we will continue to understand the technology so that it benefits you the most. Technology is our strength, but old-fashioned customer service is the foundation we build on.

With us you'll always receive:

  • People answering our phones
  • No automated phone systems to get lost in or disconnected from.
  • We are very knowledgeable about a broad range of technology
  • No customer service staff member reading off of a chart trying to tell you what to do when they don't really know.
  • As much or as little service as you need
  • No worries about your size or needs whether you need a new hard drive, new video card, or to purchase and network multiple computers at multiple sites.
  • No time constraints
  • You can contact us in the middle of the night, during the weekend, even holidays; we are always there when you need us.
  • One phone call is all it takes
  • We realize that your time is very important, and we'll orchestrate all the details to your specifications and to your total satisfaction.

Our customers are VERY important to us, whether it's a single-family computer, to a globally networked infrastructure, you'll be treated with the same respect, courtesy and promptness. Our goal is to provide you confidence through outstanding customer service and superior performance.

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